Services Facilities

SAS Global offers a range of services in the field of education consultancy and travel aid. These services are designed to assist students and individuals in

their educational pursuits and facilitate their travel experiences. Here are the key services provided by SAS Global:

Academic Counseling:
SAS Global offers personalized counseling sessions to guide students in choosing the right educational path based on their interests, goals, and academic background.

University Selection:
The consultancy helps students in selecting suitable universities and courses based on their preferences, academic qualifications, and career aspirations.

Application Assistance:
SAS Global provides guidance and support in preparing and submitting applications for universities, including assistance with documentation, essays, and interviews.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Guidance:
The consultancy helps students explore scholarship opportunities and offers guidance on securing financial aid for their education.

Skill Assessment:
SAS Global conducts assessments to evaluate students' skills, strengths, and interests, helping them make informed decisions about their career paths.

Resume/CV Building:
The consultancy provides assistance in creating professional resumes and CVs that highlight students' qualifications and experiences effectively.

Visa and Immigration Support:
The consultancy provides guidance and support in navigating visa requirements and immigration processes for studying abroad.

Pre-Departure Assistance:
SAS Global offers pre-departure orientations to prepare students for living and studying in a foreign country, covering topics such as culture shock, accommodation, and travel arrangements

Travel Planning:
SAS Global assists individuals in planning their travel itineraries, various travel destinations, including transportation, accommodation, and activities, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Travel Insurance:
SAS Global helps individuals in obtaining travel insurance coverage, ensuring they are protected against unexpected events during their trips. Please note that these services are representative and not exhaustive. 

SAS Global may offer additional services based on specific client needs and requirements.